SMTPsend is a free Wauters IT software tool

SMTPsend is an application that lets you send mail to any mailbox without installing a complex mail client. SMTPsend can be used in three ways. The first is to launch SMTPsend so you get a GUI where you can specify the smtp relay server to talk with. Fill in your email address, a subject, a body and press the send button. The second way is to open a DOS box or command prompt and enter these parameters as command line arguments. Hit the enter key and your message will sent to your destination addresses. The last way to send mail is through a scriptfile. With this scriptfile as a command line argument, you can send mail (ex. send daily logfiles etc...). 
SMTPsend current version is still 1.21 (from the year 2002).
Before upgrading to this version, please uninstall the previous one. You can use the software icon in the control panel to simplify this task.
SMTPsend was not written to make an email client, but just as a tool to make life easier for IT support or freaky command-line users.
Download SMTPsend 1.21
SMTPsend note (rtf)
Some screenshots:
Any feedback, response or requests may be sent but keep in mind that there will be no support on this free product.